Go to PBS Kids Go!:


8 minutes - Try it out, follow the links, talk about it, think about how you could use this site.
2 minutes - Add comments

  • cool sections
  • ideas for using it
  • difficulties you encountered
  • questions you have
  • other thoughts

Austin thought the bird from cyberchase was annoying. We saw potential for elementary kids and possibly middle school. This may take a lot of time to evaluate before use.
we chose to watch cyberchase on pbs. this would be a good site for the kids grade 2-6. the sound would need to be turned off or headphones need to be worn. The show could also be shown in class
lots of show and activities to choose from.
This site has a lot of potential, but seems like it would take quite a bit of filtering to guide students.
Good website for k-5 some cool stuff and some very cheesy stuff, group 3 rules!!!!!!